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Control station SV1C

Optimized for complex applications

Diverse configurable control stations in a modular system.

For the control of complex machines and cranes in ports and industrial facilities, robust, fixed or rotary control stations are used.

The optimal control station is delivered for application completely wired, tested, with built-in joysticks, control elements and electronic devices, as plug-and-play version for direct installation, with optional cabin.

For the perfect coordination of operating and sitting, and for relaxed, fatigue-free working, the ergonomically designed SV1C offers a variety of settings. In order to adapt to the individual body size quality comfort seats allow longitudinal, height, and tilt adjustment. Offer is with a standard lumbar support, an optional cut out in the seat cushion is available.

The side consoles, in standard rectangular shape, with flat or inclined console covers provide plenty of space for the optimal positioning of control elements and for the installation of electronic modules and terminal bars.

The base of the control station forms a 2-mm sheet steel hollow bridge. It is placed on a low-backlash, ball-bearing turntable or a rigid foot and offers interior space for the rotary motion mechanism, the clamping bar and for terminal blocks.

It also serves as a support for the large side panels, the comfortable seat and is a flange point for a footrest.

Other amenities such as a comfortable seat in genuine leather with matching headrest, a pneumatic seat suspension with automatic weight adjustment, mechanical longitudinal adjustment of the side consoles, adjustable footrest or monitor holder are available.


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