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Reversing-front view camera system for your dozer

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A rear view camera and forward motion camera not only allow you to reverse more safely, you also benefit from improved visibility of the area in front of the dozer blade. In addition, the rear view camera also provides visibility of a shank ripper. You can combine this system with two side view cameras. If you're looking for an active signaling system with reversing sensors, then choose RadarEye for even greater levels of safety, efficiency and comfort.

The monitor in the cab automatically switches from the front view to the reversing view when reverse gear is engaged. The cameras can of course also be activated manually or continuously.

Orlaco's powerful automotive monitors perform under the most severe conditions and are shock and vibration-proof. In addition to connecting it to a robust Orlaco monitor, it is possible to connect the cameras to a third-party onboard information display by means of our special Switcher, provided that the display has video input.

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